Hot Wheels Power Port

ASL was hired by Mattel, Inc. to execute their vision of developing a mobile app that enhances the play experience of the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister set. Mattel’s idea of using augmented reality was implemented to create a digital game with the physical toy. ASL also developed the digital artwork, working closely with Mattel designers.

The track set comes with a “glyph” that allows for the visualization of the augmented reality experience. This glyph unlocks the following features: Entering the World, Touch and Discover, Motion Detection, Nemesis Take Down and Action Capture. The physical car has to make a certain number of laps to defeat the nemesis.

An off-track experience is available, as well. The app will recognize the glyphs printed on the package of Hot Wheels mainline cars. Each glyph will display an AR experience that has Touch and Discover and Motion Detection. Free glyphs are also available on the Hot Wheels website.

Shapes AR

Shapes AR is an interactive augmented reality physics game. Users have a circular marker on a spinning disc, another marker on the end of a wand, and an iPad in a stand with its front camera pointed at the marker and the camera feed displayed on the screen. When the marker is recognized by the software, it displays numerous augmented reality geometric shapes.

The user can select and pick up the objects with the wand and stack them up or knock them around, making the onscreen objects roll and slide on the surface of the disk under the influence of a realistic physics engine. The wand may also be used as a sculpting tool that allows the user to create their own geometry in the game. Finally, each shape has a unique sound associated with it, and as they collide with each other they emit those sounds creating a dynamic auditory experience.

Users enjoy themselves as they send blocks flying into each other and create wild sounds. The wand offers an innovative new way to interact with the augmented reality shapes without being stuck behind a screen, and is simultaneously intuitive and easy to use.

(patent pending)

Fighter AR

Fighter AR is an augmented reality game where you can pit a vicious zombie against a determined young woman in a battle to the death (or undeath) featuring:

  • Multiple Marker Interaction – The characters react differently based on how far apart they are in the real world. Players can move the markers to initiate an attack, or they can hang back and attack from a distance.

  • Adaptive Lighting – Unlike typical AR apps that have generic lighting baked into the models, Fighter AR uses an innovative new system that analyzes the lighting in the real world and adjusts the lighting on the AR characters accordingly. For example, if you are playing in a dark room the characters will be shadowed, but turn on the lights and the characters will light up as if they are really there!

(patent pending)

Alice AR

Watch Alice as she explores the fantastic virtual mushroom world! She will even look at you and wave when tapped on. This app demonstrates interaction with an augmented reality world, and how virtual characters can be aware of the user’s location.

Yosemite Spyglass App

The Yosemite Spyglass App is a collaboration between Art + Science Labs and xRez Studio. Take in the majestic view from “Diving Board” in Yosemite National Park. This Gigapixel image (1000s of megapixels) is displayed in the first Gigapixel viewer app available for the iPad. Pinch the image to zoom into the tiniest details, use the gyroscope mode to take in a full 360 degree view or look down the 3000 foot plus drop from this precarious location. This image exceeds the acuity of human vision. You can see more detail in this image than you could if you were standing on the “Diving Board” yourself. Due to the detail and ability to zoom into objects of known size, Gigapixel photography can convey the scale of large features (such as Half Dome) in ways that normal resolution images cannot. This App includes the entire image so you can use it to better understand the location of the monuments when you are in Yosemite where there is no wireless coverage.